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Pricing FAQs

We’ve successfully completed hundreds of projects, tailoring options to your preferences and budget:


  • Low Density: 5 renders.


  • Medium Density: 7-18 renders, including walkthroughs of key living spaces.


  • High Density: 20-40 renders, with ongoing additions. Full apartment walkthroughs and communal spaces for a comprehensive visual experience.


We prioritize quality over quantity, creating emotive photorealistic 3D visualizations that elevate your project and boost click-through rates in marketing campaigns.

Optimizing the CGI render and animation process in three key steps:

1. Information Gathering:

We collect project details, conducting a Project Briefing to establish visual direction, lighting, and styling tailored to your project’s location and target audience.

2. Drafts and Camera Optimizations:

We offer 4-6 view options per image, with expert recommendations. Choose the angle that best showcases your development.

3. Preview Refinement:

After the initial preview, enjoy UNLIMITED revisions to perfect your designs and finalize the image, ensuring it aligns seamlessly with your vision, choices, and budget. The UNLIMITED revision is only applicable if the corrections will cover only 50% of the whole project. If the corrections will exceed to 50%, it will be considered as a new project.

Creating exceptionally realistic 3D representations of incomplete architecture necessitates a wealth of detailed information. This encompasses fundamental elements such as floor plans, cabinetry elevations, finishes, and materials, along with finer nuances like cornices, door handles, or balcony lighting.

To embark on a CGI render project, we rely on a crucial set of files, each contributing to the precision and authenticity of our visualizations:

1. Architectural Plans:

The foundational blueprint, guiding the spatial layout and structural elements.

2. Landscaping Plans:

Detailing the outdoor environment, incorporating greenery, hardscape, and spatial aesthetics.

3. 3D Model:

Providing a digital framework for the entire structure, allowing us to craft a lifelike representation.

4. Exterior & Interior Schedule of Finishes:

Outlining the materials and finishes for both the exterior and interior spaces.

5. Schedule of Inclusions:

Enumerating the elements included in the project, ensuring accurate representation.

For any uncertainties regarding the required files, don’t hesitate to reach out to us at We are more than willing to meticulously review your documentation, helping identify any missing components and ensuring a comprehensive foundation for your CGI render project. Your satisfaction is our priority, and we’re here to assist you every step of the way.

Our Pause Feature offers you control and transparency in managing your subscription. With this feature, you can temporarily halt our services while still keeping track of progress. Your account will display a progress bar, updating daily, allowing you to monitor each working day’s contributions. If the total working days fall short of your subscription duration, we’ll automatically extend your subscription accordingly, ensuring you receive the full value of your investment. It’s a seamless way to optimize your experience with our services.

Completing 8-12 visualizations usually takes 6-10 weeks, involving info collection, production, and revisions. Timelines are mainly influenced by the availability of information.

For a seamless workflow, it’s best to have all necessary details ready before starting the CGI render production. This ensures a smooth process, aligning with your preferences, choices, and budget constraints, and guarantees a polished outcome within the designated timeframe.

CGI surpasses traditional photography in numerous ways:

  • Limitless Creativity: 3D allows for the creation of scenes and objects with boundless creative freedom.
  • Cost-Efficiency: Avoid expensive photoshoots and set construction.
  • Consistency: Achieve consistent results regardless of lighting conditions.
  • Flexibility: Make changes easily, even after the initial rendering.
  • Realism: Create lifelike visuals that may be challenging or impossible to capture with photography alone.
  • Product Prototyping: Ideal for showcasing products that are in the design or concept stage.
  • Environmental Impact: Reduce the need for physical materials, reducing waste.

There are many CGI rendering studios, both in Australia and beyond, the landscape is abundant, yet not all possess the essential resources and capabilities to craft compelling off-the-plan property marketing images. The distinction lies in the approach each studio takes, particularly in assembling a team that goes beyond traditional CGI rendering practices.

Many CGI rendering studios typically assign a single person to shepherd an image from inception to completion. However, the unique demands of property marketing images necessitate a collaborative effort. Drawing talent from diverse fields such as interior design, photography, and marketing, a multifaceted team is essential to ensure a harmonious blend of angles, lighting, and interior design tailored to the specific nuances of each project. It’s a holistic approach that transcends the conventional CGI rendering paradigm.

For projects with a budget exceeding $10,000, our recommendation veers toward collaborating with studios that boast not just multiple 3D artists but also dedicated client or project managers. This ensures a seamless orchestration of each project, from ideation to execution, providing clients with the reassurance of a well-managed and efficient process.

Caution is advised when encountering studios offering steep discounts on 3D property marketing images. A quote below $2,000 per image may signal a potential compromise in quality and efficiency. Such offers often indicate a reliance on a limited workforce—perhaps just one or two individuals who might struggle to meet project deadlines. Additionally, this could hint at the outsourcing of work to overseas studios.

While overseas 3D artists can bring valuable skills, their success hinges on an intimate understanding of the Australian residential market, encompassing design language and current marketing trends. A discerning client should prioritize a studio that not only offers competitive pricing but also guarantees a nuanced grasp of the local context, ensuring the final product resonates with the unique characteristics of the Australian property landscape.

In the event of a delay in your project’s output, we are committed to ensuring that you receive the full value of your subscription. If a project’s working days extend beyond the agreed timeline, we consider those days null and void, effectively extending your subscription to compensate for the delay.

It’s important to note that delays caused by unforeseen events such as natural disasters or other exceptional circumstances are exempt. Rest assured, in the rare event of emergencies on our end, we will promptly communicate and address the situation to minimize any inconvenience.

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